Famous Modern Art Design Paint For Interior

If you already have a home, of course you want to decorate and make the walls of the house more beautiful. Doing this not only by adding furniture or decoration. Paint the walls can make your home look more beautiful. To get the look of the walls and the unique beauty, you can use some of the techniques of modern art design paint. This can be done by painting the walls using a stencil technique. As is known, there are many painting techniques that are not less interesting than wallpaper or other wall hangings.

stencil technique is one technique that is well known and widely applied. The results of this technique can even make use of the wall as wallpaper! Stencil technique is a way to paint the wall using a mold as its main tool. Molds used can be made from paper, cardboard, or mica. Patterns can be customized motifs, such as flowers, geometric, leaves, letters, numbers, or even a word.

Beautify Famous Modern Art Design Paint For Interior

engineering broom fibers, you can choose the base color based on what you like. After that, modern art paint another wall with a color that you will use as the main color of the room. While the paint is still wet, pull broom fibers from one end wall to the other end to remove most of the paint and creating fine lines on your wall. If you do not have a broom fibers, clothes brush can also be used. You can create vertical lines, horizontal or diagonal line with your tastes.

Modern techniques of paint art design does require precision so that the images can be neat, especially if you use a pattern that has a lot of strip or curved lines. In addition, this method will be slightly longer than the wallpaper that can be directly attached to the wall. However, modern paint art design is certainly interesting to try to produce a wall display a fresh, new, and different other color results.