Stylish Minimalist Modern White & Black Living Hall

Decorating the house, we have to consider is the very central room that is living hall. Living room is a place that is very often made in a meeting between all residents in the house and also the guests who visit home we, one modern white and black living hall is now slowly began to demand is a living room with a design monochrome or shades of color combination black and white. The base color is the color that is very appropriate for us to apply in the living hall, and the end result was a design problem you should not doubt.

For a minimalist floor living hall there are many choices of materials that can be used include ceramic, granite, wood or natural stone. For those of you who want to have the look simple and frugal budget could use a ceramic which is available with various motifs that you can choose and customize to your modern home decor. On the couch at living hall you can choose the basic color black and with the addition of a small pillow with white.

Furniture For Stylish Minimalist Modern White & Black Living Hall

Ceramic color white & black modern floor living hall is the widely used neutral colors like white. White color have usually adjust with a ceramic that is in the interior of the house. The color white is also fully compatible with all paint color. In addition there is also a selection of white other bright colors for those who want to be different but still want a neutral color. Next, you can choose a carpet with a rug material with a combination of both black and white.

Black color combination can be applied on living hall furniture, accessories, and also on the wall. To beautify the room you can enter wall hangings and also supporters of other furniture theme. Lighting provide sufficient area for the living hall of your house, and you can use the color of the light that is in use white color.

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