Narrow interior modern and cheap house

Modern homes are not meant to be expensive and luxurious. Very likely home at a low cost to produce modern and attractive house. But it took the form of design planning and calculation to realize your dream house cheap. Keep the volume of home design with symmetrical box shape without a lot of curves. Home form undulating course will result in material swell. more material is needed and the process was more complicated.

modern and cheap house to create multi-functional space for your home, it can also save on the cost of construction of houses. the fewer the number of rooms, the costs incurred for the purchase of building materials is getting low. The use of such multifunctional room, living room as well as a family room or kitchen together with dining room. In addition to the room that doubles, you can also use the furniture or furniture that is multi-functional to make budget savings.

Furniture for Narrow interior modern and cheap house

Keep the room modern and cheap house also divide symmetrically and orderly. The house-shaped box will enable the design of a simple roof. As a shield shape and saddle roof, and the roof slanted in one direction. Roof form saddle models cheaper than roof shield when using the same material. modern and cheap house is basically a simple box shape.

Use of local materials that are easily obtainable. the use of local materials will reduce the cost of transportation. The closer the cost is getting cheaper. Recognize and learn the potential of your region. Possibility of many natural materials that you can use as a building material. such as bamboo, wood, brick, tile etc. then choose a builder or contractor professionals who are experts in their field. It certainly will be able to save time and cost of making home,

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