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October 08th 2017 / Embla Grete Sylvia

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flooring designs coating is the combination of epoxy resin. Epoxy resins are reacted using Polymed materials at a chemical substance that will eventually make this epoxy glue tightly on cement floors, concrete, metal, and wood. The use of this floor is suitable coating on the floor in some places such as the following to the factory floor, a floor space of pharmacy, the floor area of the food industry, on the floor of the hospital, to super market floor, and the floor area to house the production.

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Paint the floor can be done using epoxy material which is now a basic requirement for the industry applied to the floor of the building, for example in textile factories and companies that require hygiene such as pharmaceutical companies or hospitals. flooring designs coating has advantages when compared with other flooring systems. Any excess of epoxy floor coating? Here we discuss about the flooring coating designs.

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D├ęcor Interior With Impressive Flooring Designs Coating

Their use of flooring designs This coating provides several advantages including making you a more solid floor, the floor looks more clean, and certainly makes the floor in accordance with the ethical standards that exist in companies that are industry. Coating flooring designs to improve the quality and extend the life of the floor.

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Work begins with the flooring designs Bonding Epoxy coating, which is not absorb water and as sealant joint between the floor with epoxy paint. Floor become healthier because there is no connection that is where the growth of fungi and bacteria breeding. In Decorative flooring also looks more beautiful, the color choices were varied and adapted to the function room / floor and customer tastes. Floor Coating easier to care, because it makes the floor easy to clean

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