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October 29th 2017 / Embla Grete Sylvia

Ideas Attractive Nice Design Kids Room Whale With White Bed Frame Applied On The Wooden Floor It Also Has Awesome Drawing On The Wall With Pink Modern Curtains Design Ideas Funky Minimalist Kids Room Whale

The world of animals is something close around us. One of them underwater beauty, such as the panorama hidden under the sea. With the great whales and their shape that attract well-liked by children. For that we can try to make the kids room whale for our baby room decor. To decorate a child's room with the feel of a big fish in the sea, we can start with the inner wall of a corner room by installing forms whale that created the impression of 3D in order to have more vivid and as real as they are in the sea.

Ideas Blue And White Bed Frame Applied On The Wooden Floor Inside Kids Room Whale It Also Has White Concrete Wall And Round Hang Accessories Brings Modern Touch Inside Funky Minimalist Kids Room Whale

Using the theme of whales not only hang pictures of fish and wallpapers and already completed. To successfully design a theme room with a whale, what you can do is to write down a list of things that are closely related to fish. blue is the color that is used to give the impression of the sea. Besides using the ornaments will also give a great impression so the atmosphere becomes more lively bedrooms. Such a list might include sea, ocean, beach, whale, aquatic plants, fishnets, boats and ships, pirates, sea birds ..

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Furniture Funky Minimalist Kids Room Whale

At the top of the ceiling can be kids room whale whale's head as if surfacing. To bed can we form small fish and for bedcover could we chose a patterned whale that much. The other corner section can we put a wooden board which serves as a bookshelf and for displaying a collection of replicas of fish and baby toys.

Ideas Impressive Kids Room Whale With Wooden Cabinet Applied On The Wooden Floor It Also Has Yellow Rug With Glasses Coffee Table It Also Has Warm Hang Lamp On The White Ceiling Design Ideas Funky Minimalist Kids Room Whale

In addition to installing wooden boards for bookshelves kids room and display replicas, we can make a cupboard widening laterally to the image of the pope. This cupboard can be divided into two parts, namely the child learning to function as a table-top us for a few boxes for storing school supplies your child. In addition, we can add an overstuffed sofa to watch TV with pictures of whales which would add to the strength of the theme of a whale used

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