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September 08th 2017 / Embla Grete Sylvia

Ideas Natural Cream Nuance Finishing Concrete Floors With Cream Concrete Wall And Wooden Flor It Also Has Small Windows And Door Design Ideas With Small White Lamp Cool Modern Finishing Concrete Floors

Form of a minimalist home is highly favored by modern society for the implementation of a minimalist home make cost is quite cheap and not too expensive. Building materials used were only consist of cement, brick, tile, sand, ceramics, wood, ceilings and others. For its size is not too big and too small. On this occasion we will give you an idea of finishing concrete floors that allows you to beautify your home floor design.

Ideas Natural Trendy Brown Finishing Concrete Floors Combined With Black Seat Can Add The Beauty Inside Room It Also Has White Lamp On The Ceiling Design Ideas Cool Modern Finishing Concrete Floors

Globally function finishing of concrete floors is to be home to appear more modern, clean and beautiful. Ceramic materials can also muffle the cold so that it can keep you from the likelihood of colds. But specifically ceramics have a function that corresponds to the place which will be installed, it is imperative for you to convey the ceramic ceramics shop that will be installed in the bathroom, garage, in the house or on the porch.

Ideas Plain Grey Finishing Concrete Floors Applied Inside Simple Modern House Design Ideas With White Wall And Grey Ceramics Floor It Also Has Small White Windows Design Ideas Cool Modern Finishing Concrete Floors
Ideas Simple Finishing Concrete Floors With White And Cream Cabinet Applied Inside It Also Use Sliding Door With Glasses Materials Dominated Make It Seems Elegant Cool Modern Finishing Concrete Floors

Choose Best Materials For Finishing Concrete Floors

The floor is a constituent room in a house apart walls and roof. Although not taken into account but the color finishing of concrete floors will affect the atmosphere in a room. Just a suggestion, in choosing the color of the floor, you can apply the white, gray, shiny brown or beige. In general, floor finishing materials that are widely available in the market can be divided into two categories namely: a layer of natural floor coverings and floor coverings made in layers. Solid wood and types of rocks derived from nature such as marble and granite is a natural type of floor covering. While the cement material, ceramics, categorized as a layer of artificial floor coverings.

Ideas Simple Modern Design Finishing Concrete Floors With White Wall And Small Door It Also Has Wooden Stairs That Brings Modern Touch Inside House Design Ideas Cool Modern Finishing Concrete Floors

Finishing concrete floors made of natural stone is a mineral that is directly taken from nature. Marble and granite are also a type of rock formed in a very long time and can not be renewed. Processing is only need process of cutting and refining it. Marble has a cold characteristic thus cooling the temperature in the room. It looks very luxurious with various motifs and patterns. But the marble treatment more difficult than other types of flooring.

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