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January 30th 2018 / Embla Grete Sylvia

Ideas Houses With Pools Inside Choose best Exclusive Wood House

house made of wood can be categorized into exclusive homes. Although most modern people choose concrete as material for their homes, but not least also choose wood as the building blocks of their home. Even in Europe / America, home of the wood is quite a lot. ancient wooden house has been widely applied, but generally in the rural areas. But now, exclusive wood house lots in urban areas such as resort, villa or house rentals. Modern wooden house typically use wood combined with the main ingredient or only as a supplement such as glass on ventilation.

Ideas Simple Exclusive Wood House With Brown Sofas On The Wooden Floor It Also Has Small Door And Windows With Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas It Also Has Warm Lamp Choose best Exclusive Wood House

This timber can be used to create the structure of windows, doors, floors and wall panels. The windows can be combined with glass material because modern homes are usually characterized by an open space plan. The combination of the primary material in the home makers with wood giving the home produced seemed simple, classic and elegant look.

Ideas Warm Hang Lamp With Elegant Exclusive Wood House Applied On The Motifs Rug On The Wooden Floor It Also Has Cream Table Lamp On The Desk Inside Room Choose best Exclusive Wood House
Ideas White Pole Of Exclusive Wood House Can Be Decor With Small Door With White Ceramics Floor Tile It Also Has Green Grass With Cream Clay Make It Seems Great Choose best Exclusive Wood House

Decor Interior With Exclusive Wood House

we can see that the wood materials used in order to keep the house looks beautiful of course not just any wood. Nice wood will feature motifs that has a style and interesting. Wood can be used are oak and teak. The house of wood is very plain and characterless without additional motif or decoration assortment in the building. The use of wood material gives the impression of a more cool and not too hot. Ventilation is more leverage because of the wooden wall that has a gap.

Ideas Brown Wall Combined With Grey Ceramics Floor It Also Has Red Rug With Exclusive Wood House It Also Has Small Mirror With Brown Cabinet Inside Room Design Ideas Choose best Exclusive Wood House

at night exclusive wood house would be cold, and if often exposed to rain will be easily damaged homes. Sliding doors are also a great option for a lot of space designed in a modern wooden house. Wall of the house can use glass or bulkhead with papers such as Japanese house. Spending time with family and friends in the exclusive wood house will feel comfortable because it can bring a warm impression.

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