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January 18th 2018 / Embla Grete Sylvia

Kitchen Elegant Modern Minimalist Kitchen Renovation Can Be Decor With Brown Cabinet Applied On The Grey Floor It Also Has Small Windows Design Ideas With White Ceiling Awesome Minimalist Kitchen Renovation

Having a kitchen is modern and minimalist is the dream of every housewife. But keeping the model kitchen so neat and clean is one thing that is hard to do. The kitchen is often referred to as the principal rooms of a house. This is because the kitchen has a vital function in a house. The kitchen is a place to gather your family, cook, make the dish and also chatting. In some homes, the kitchen often becomes a multifunctional place, start to cook, to eat dinner and also a place to warm family atmosphere with one another as a function of the living room.

Kitchen Elegant Rustic Minimalist Kitchen Renovation Can Be Decor With Wooden Coffee Table It Also Has Wooden Floor And Wide Glasses Windows Design Ideas Inside Room Awesome Minimalist Kitchen Renovation

The easiest way of doing minimalist kitchen renovation is the repainted walls. The gray color is not always boring, but always gives the impression of elegance and clean, and easily combined with a touch of white and wood. This color is best used for elements of the kitchen that is greater than for small accessories. One of the best ways to apply the color gray in your kitchen is the kitchen cabinet. If your kitchen is small, try pale gray metallic combined. The next step in a minimalist kitchen renovation is to provide cabinets and shelves.

Kitchen Natural Nice Design Minimalist Kitchen Renovation Can Be Decor With White Wallpaper On The Cream Wall It Also Has Black Seat And Round Coffee Table On The Wooden Floor Awesome Minimalist Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Orange Cabinet Applied On The Wooden Floor Inside Minimalist Kitchen Renovation It Also Has Glasses Windows Design Ideas Inside Room It Also Has White Ceiling Awesome Minimalist Kitchen Renovation

Furniture Awesome Minimalist Kitchen Renovation

Paint the cabinet allows you to get a better look new and fresh. You can also play with the dark side. Ensure that the cabinet has been trimmed before doing this. In addition to coloring the cabinet, another way to have a new look. If you have a wooden cupboard doors or iron materials, try adding a glass in the kitchen cupboard or cabinet. It is good especially for a minimalist kitchen. The closet door glass materials will make the kitchen look bigger. You can also let your guests see your plate collection. This will give comfort in the kitchen.

Kitchen Cheap Enclosed Porch Ideas Awesome Minimalist Kitchen Renovation

Still working with cabinet and shelves, you can use the vertical space by installing wall cabinets and shelves. Using a high cabinet that will make your kitchen look more spacious and gives you more space. High cabinet would be good for your kitchen storage. Take storage that you rarely use at the top of the closet, so you will not be difficult to take back p and storage of furniture.

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