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December 28th 2017 / Embla Grete Sylvia

Interior Design Red Wall Interior Design Bauhaus Combined With Round Table On The Grey Floor It Also Has White Seat With White Cabinet And Round Hang Lamp Design Ideas Awesome  Interior Design Bauhaus

Homes with interior design Bauhaus built in the middle of the street in the heart of historic and modern environment that is very thick with a Bauhaus-style architecture. Bauhaus style house is marked with color uniformity, simplicity, finishing and facade are simple. The residential project, designed in a few years after the appearance Bauhaus style, created as a work that connects between the Bauhaus style and modern contemporary furniture.

Interior Design Bauhaus Design Desk / Steel / In Wood / With Storage Awesome  Interior Design Bauhaus

Consideration for the essence of light, shape, detail of matter, space, place and conditions minimalist. Minimalist architects not only consider the quality of the room. In addition, they look deeply into the spiritual dimension and invisible, with attention to detail, space, nature and materials. Which express abstract qualities of something invisible and look for the essence of the properties of the invisible. Such as natural light, the color of the sky, earth and air. You need to determine the most important ingredient for development and create a relationship between the building and the surrounding environment.

Interior Design Tidy Furniture Arrangements Of Interior Design Bauhaus Combined With Rug On The Brown Floor With Small Windows It Also Has White Ceiling And Warm Lamp Awesome  Interior Design Bauhaus
Interior Design White Dining Table Interior Design Bauhaus Applied On The Grey Floor It Also Has White Cabinet With Small Windows Design Ideas With White Ceiling Inside Room Awesome  Interior Design Bauhaus

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In making Bauhaus interior design, design elements convey a message of simplicity. Basic geometric forms, elements of unadorned, simple ingredients and repetition structures represent a sense of order and the use of the essential qualities of natural light in the building reveals a simple and clean room.

Interior Design White Glasses Hang Lamp On The White Ceiling Interior Design Bauhaus Combined With Wooden Dining Table And Seat On The Grey Floor With Green Wallpaper Awesome  Interior Design Bauhaus

Materials and colors used for the interior and exterior of the house is made of gray and white with a combination of wooden strips. Simplicity, notching clean, and lighting plays a major role for the interior design. The combination of natural light to the surface of the material geometrically different horizontal and vertical provides a unique atmosphere during the day.

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