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October 30th 2017 / Embla Grete Sylvia

Ideas Nice Design Narrow Home Spaces With White Table And Black Seat It Also Has Modern Wallpaper On The White Wall That Can Add The Modern Touch Inside Affordable Narrow Home Spaces

Narrow home spaces is sometimes difficult for us in design space, but with this article we also want to provide tips and tricks for designing a small room that looks charming. To create the impression of its own for the guests, you do not need a large space, do not need luxury items and expensive, but what is needed is a concept and design. There are many variations on the design of a charming small living room as a design concept minimalist for example.

Ideas Nice Simple Narrow Home Spaces With White Cabinet Applied On The Cream Floor Tile It Also Has Round Table With Small White Seat With Warm Lamp Inside Room Affordable Narrow Home Spaces

Concepts such as these living spaces are placed at the corner of the room, other than that the game of natural color, purple and white also adds a charming impression of minimalist living room. In addition there is also the concept of functional design this concept only consists of the use of the sofa, then the bench, then two tables and lamp in the corner. Although small, but very charming. Then there is also the concept of minimalist living room design contemporary style that could be impressive beauty, as well as full color, and vibrancy of their owners

Ideas Kitchen Plans Small Spaces Affordable Narrow Home Spaces
Ideas Cool White Nuance Narrow Home Spaces With White Shelves On The Wooden Floor It Also Has White Desk With White Seat And Small Windows Design Ideas Affordable Narrow Home Spaces

Furniture Affordable Narrow Home Spaces

In designing the narrow bedroom design simple, can be done with tricks to create the illusion of a larger space, save space, and the selection of furniture to store your stuff with creative designs. Of course, coupled with the design of the room clean and tidy is an idea that is required. Ranging from lighting, paint, and mirrors as accessories, consider the things both small and large because it will make a change in your bedroom.

Ideas Cream Wall Combined With Orange Sofas Narrow Home Spaces It Also Has Cream Floor Tile With Orange Wall And Warm Lamp That Can Add The Modern Touch Inside Affordable Narrow Home Spaces

Adding too many colors in the bedroom which has limited land will provide a more narrow effect, it can only make a small bedroom design and simple you more narrow than the original. The lighting fitting is one of the most important aspects when you want to make a small bedroom design simple you become more enjoyable and beautiful. Try to remove the dark parts of the narrow home spaces using natural lighting through a glass window or use lights.

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