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November 29th 2017 / Embla Grete Sylvia

Hotel & Resorts Architectural Kanuhura Beach Villa Maldives With Oval Bathub Applied On The White Floor It Also Has Warm Lamp On The Wall That Can Add The Natural Touch Inside Room Adorable Kanuhura Beach Villa Maldives

Maldives, is a beautiful island that is always touted as a tourist destination this paradise surrounded by thousands of other islands in the Indian Ocean. Clusters of beautiful beaches and crystal clear and pearlescent make this island is surrounded by many luxury resorts and expensive. One of the characters Kanuhura beach villa Maldives actually even use thatched roofs made to be very natural with a mix of sea water is very clear. With a variety of spots to relax, you can easily choose where to position the most appropriate for you.

Hotel & Resorts Awesome Nice Design Kanuhura Beach Villa Maldives With Unique Pool Combined With Cream Floor It Also Has Rectangle Mirror On The Wall With Cream Vanity Sink Adorable Kanuhura Beach Villa Maldives

Not many people can visit the Maldives each year, there were only about one million people who could come to the Maldives in one year. Kanuhura beach villa Maldives be dream destinations that should be visited at least once in your lifetime. The concept of the villa can be designed using the idea of a wooden house. By using wood as a building material, so that the value of art contained therein are also more valuable. In addition, it will also look more natural and unique.

Hotel & Resorts Cool White Curtains In The Living Room Of Kanuhura Beach Villa Maldives That Has Cream Sofas And Some Small Cushion It Also Has Round Green Coffee Table Adorable Kanuhura Beach Villa Maldives
Hotel & Resorts Cream Curtains On The Minimalist Windows Of Kanuhura Beach Villa Maldives Has Wooden Bed Frame With White Mattras It Also Has Small Windows Design Ideas Adorable Kanuhura Beach Villa Maldives

Furniture For Kanuhura Beach Villa Maldives

Design Kanuhura beach villa Maldives as a haven for tourists. You will see the traditional architecture dominates the entire coast and room villa but still packed in an elegant feel and comfortable. Kanuhura beach villa Maldives also designed in neutral colors that create the impression of a quiet, peaceful and united with nature. This villa is also very open and you will not see a lot of doors that isolate one room to another so freely discover the beauty to all sides.

Hotel & Resorts Minimalist White Curtains Of The Kanuhura Beach Villa Maldives With Grey And White Seat On The Wooden Floor It Also Has Peach Seat And Awesome Landscape Adorable Kanuhura Beach Villa Maldives

The Kanuhura beach villa Maldives relaxed, there are areas that use the gazebo as a place to relax and enjoy the view. Provided a lot of room resort with the space directly facing the beach. These circumstances make a lot of visitors who are keen to stay. because in addition to rest, be in the room resort can also enjoy the ocean view at all times, in the morning, until the sun sets and the atmosphere of the beach with the stars at night.

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